Made in UK from the highest grade titanium aircraft 304 stainless steel and mandril bent for optimum gas flow and performance. The systems are individually made to fit precisely the model of Land Rover. The laser cut turbo connection gives maximum diameter to allow exhaust gases to be expelled as well as allowing turbo to opperate more efficiently to give smoother instant power on 300tdi and td5 systems .

One double skinned silencer gives quiet performance without interfering with the gas flow and the compact design means there is no need for adaption when used with overdrive system or gear box. The unique hanging system ensures easy fitting and eliminates weak points in the exhaust system. This also allows for maximum ground clearance with total adjustability.

The unique enamel griffin badge shows the world that you have the highest quality exhaust system on your vehicle.

  • Griffin Performance exhaust system
  • Griffin Performance enamel badge
  • Griffin Performance Stainless Steel Exhaust
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